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Ep 20. Reading and math: parallels and pitfalls with Matthew Burns

The transcript for this episode is here.

You can listen to the episode here: Chalk & Talk Podcast.

Books, studies and podcasts on reading mentioned in the episode


Sold a Story: How Teaching Kids to Read Went So Wrong 

Visible Learning by John Hattie


Visible Learning: The Sequel by John Hattie


Parker, D. C., Zaslofsky, A. F., Burns, M. K., Kanive, R., Hodgson, J., Scholin, S. E., & Klingbeil, D. A. (2015). A brief report of the diagnostic accuracy of oral reading fluency and reading inventory levels for reading failure risk among second-and third-grade students. Reading & Writing Quarterly, 31(1), 56-67.


Burns, M. K., Pulles, S. M., Maki, K. E., Kanive, R., Hodgson, J., Helman, L. A., ... & Preast, J. L. (2015). Accuracy of student performance while reading leveled books rated at their instructional level by a reading inventory. Journal of School Psychology, 53(6), 437-445.


Klingbeil, D. A., McComas, J. J., Burns, M. K., & Helman, L. (2015). Comparison of predictive validity and diagnostic accuracy of screening measures of reading skills. Psychology in the Schools, 52(5), 500-514.


Meta-analysis on the effectiveness of direct instruction

Stockard, J., Wood, T. W., Coughlin, C., & Rasplica Khoury, C. (2018). The effectiveness of direct instruction curricula: A meta-analysis of a half century of research. Review of educational research, 88(4), 479-507

Articles on automaticity with math facts


Burns, M. K., Kanive, R., & DeGrande, M. (2012). Effect of a computer-delivered math fact intervention as a supplemental intervention for math in third and fourth grades. Remedial and Special Education, 33(3), 184-191.


Nelson, P. M., Burns, M. K., Kanive, R., & Ysseldyke, J. E. (2013). Comparison of a math fact rehearsal and a mnemonic strategy approach for improving math fact fluency. Journal of School Psychology, 51(6), 659-667.


Kanive, R., Nelson, P. M., Burns, M. K., & Ysseldyke, J. (2014). Comparison of the effects of computer-based practice and conceptual understanding interventions on mathematics fact retention and generalization. The Journal of Educational Research, 107(2), 83-89.


Codding, R. S., Burns, M. K., & Lukito, G. (2011). Meta‐analysis of mathematic basic‐fact fluency interventions: A component analysis. Learning Disabilities Research & Practice, 26(1), 36-47.

Resources for developing automaticity with math facts


Listen to the portion of the podcast beginning at 30:26 for a discussion about how to develop automaticity with math facts.


Math facts flashcards


YouTube: Incremental rehearsal with flashcards for math facts (explanation)


YouTube: Incremental rehearsal with flashcards for math facts (demonstration)


Online programs for practicing math facts






Times Tables Rock Stars




Other resources


Institute of Education Sciences

What Works Clearinghouse

Credit to Jazmin Boisclair for this helpful resource page.

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