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Ep 9. The tweet that roared with Tom Bennett

The transcript for this episode is here.

You can listen to the episode here: Chalk & Talk Podcast.

Tom Bennett’s website, blog and Twitter account

Tom Bennett's School Report Blog

Twitter: @tombennett71

Tom Bennett's books

Running the Room: The Teacher’s Guide to Behaviour

Teacher Proof: Why research in education doesn’t always mean what it claims, and what you can do about it 

The Behaviour Guru: Behaviour Management Solutions for Teachers

Not Quite a Teacher: Target practice for beginning teachers

More books by Tom Bennett

ResearchED's website

References for the episode

Bennett, T. (2015). Group Work for the Good: Unpacking the Research behind One Popular Classroom Strategy. American Educator, 39(1), 32.

Phones are black holes for the real estate of our attention.

Learning Styles Don't Exist (YouTube)

Credit to Jazmin Boisclair for this helpful resource page.

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