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Ep 26. Cognitive load theory in math class with David Morkunas

The transcript for this episode is here.

You can listen to the episode here: Chalk & Talk Podcast.

David Morkunas' social media


YouTube: @TheMork

X: @DaveMorkunas


Video demo of vertical addition (discussed in the episode)

Vertical addition demo


Techniques mentioned in the episode


Retrieval practice

Spaced practice

Books and resources mentioned in the episode

Explicit Direct Instruction (EDI): The Power of the Well-Crafted, Well-Taught Lesson by Silvia Ybarra and John Hollingsworth

Sweller’s Cognitive Load Theory in Action by Oliver Lovell

Teaching Primary Mathematics by George Booker

Cognitive Load Theory Mastery course by Oliver Lovell

Times Table Rockstars

Credit to Jazmin Boisclair for this helpful resource page.

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