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Anna Stokke


Department of Mathematics & Statistics

The University of Winnipeg

515 Portage Avenue, Winnipeg, Manitoba 

Canada R3B 2E9

Phone: 204-786-9059 


Dr. Anna Stokke is a mathematics professor at the University of Winnipeg. She received a PhD in mathematics from the University of Alberta. Her research area is in algebra (group representation theory) and algebraic combinatorics.  Dr. Stokke is an advocate for strong math education for Canadian children.  She has given over 200 media interviews on math education and has written numerous editorials for both local and national newspapers.  Previously, she co-founded an advocacy group WISE Math.  She is President and co-founder of the non-profit organization, Archimedes Math Schools.


Everyone wants to see children and young adults succeed in math, but it can be difficult to sort myths from facts in education.  Join math professor, Anna Stokke, for conversations with leading educators about the importance of math, effective teaching methods, and debunking common myths about math and teaching.  Chalk & Talk is a podcast for anyone interested in education, including educators, parents and students.  

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